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Honoring the Dead With My Daughter

New York Magazine, 2017/10

“What was Papa Gary’s favorite color?” asks my 7-year-old daughter, Penelope, who’s madly doodling at the dining-room table. She is deciding how to decorate a photo of my father, Gary, for her second-grade celebration of Dia de los Muertos, which honors family and friends who have passed away. The photo is a close-up of him — 1970s mustache and sideburns — holding me as an infant. Both of us are laughing, as if part of an inside joke.

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What if the Tooth Fairy Kills Me in My Sleep?

The New York Times, 2016/09/09

I knew firsthand how anxiety could beat down a child and, by proxy, a mother, especially one whose own anxiety might have caused the spiral in the first place.

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Not Your Mother's Breasts

OZY, 2016/05/08

Suddenly it was as if I’d seen something I shouldn’t have — like walking in on a friend making out with my husband. Only it was my child sucking on my friend’s 58-year-old, non-milk-producing boob.


When A Medical Proxy Saves A Life

The New York Times, 2015/04/29

“I’m begging you,” pleaded my 93-year-old grandmother. “I want to quit while I’m ahead. I’m too tired. It’s been a good, solid run and I’m done.”


True Life Tales; Death, Etc.

The New York Times, 2006/10/08

The guy at Mail Boxes, Etc. had owned the place for 10 years and was a very angry individual. You would walk in the door, the little bell would ring and he would roll his eyes and emit a thunderous “Ugh.”


Employee (of the) Month

Esquire Magazine, 2005/05

So I thought it would be funny to give my boyfriend a blow job in the handicap bathroom at work. He concuured.


. . . and a message my mom left on my answering machine after reading the Esquire article


Op-Ed: Lost and Found

The New York Times, 2004/06/20

Celebrating Father’s Day without a father.


Stranger Bonding

The Moth, 2008/09/22

Recorded for The Moth Los Angeles GrandSlam: Crossing The Line


Bat Mitzvah

A montage of my grandfather's 45 minute speech at my bat mitzvah